Pro Player Workshop

In December 2023 Football Futures held their first Pro Player Workshop. The day is designed to provide young pro players a structured and focused environment with our highly qualified coaches.

Our Pro Player Workshop for professional academy players only is designed to demand maximum intensity from every player. Players who attend must be serious about their development, willing to listen, learn and work hard. This workshop demands high energy levels, and coaching detail is a top priority.

The coaching staff at Football Futures feel a responsibility to provide young ambitious players with the best football environment, and highest levels of coaching possible. This pro player workshop allows academy players the opportunity to refine their game in a professional environment that they might not receive within their team training. 

This camp is open to Ages U9-U15 players and is held in Kent.

Our professional laid out structure of the day, is broken down into different topics. Our players go through a number of topics such as: Speed, agility & quickness, technical aspects (first touch, receiving, ball control) , ball mastery, possession, 1vs1’s/2vs1’s/3vs2’s, defending, high intensity small sided games.