” Thankful to have found Football Futures where the technicality and intensity of the Elite Camp is more towards what our son is used to. We have been pretty disappointed with what we have seen training wise here in Kent, after moving our son home from a National Premier League Academy set up in Australia. There the focus was more towards the technical aspect of the game, strength and conditioning, player/game analysis and developing players over 4 nights a week. My only wish is that the kind of training at Football Futures happened more often and at club level. Would be amazing to have this kind of coaching for teams in the League, where they could be focused on true players development and for those who want to progress.”

Our 1 day Elite Camp is designed to demand maximum intensity from every player. Players who attend must be serious about their development and be willing to listen, learn and work hard. 

This camp demands high energy levels, and coaching detail is a top priority. The coaching staff at Football Futures feel a responsibility to provide young ambitious players with the best footballing environment, and highest levels of coaching possible.

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